Soon it’s Opera Season …

We’re still in scorching August and the hot weather that we’ve been having just points to one direction –  cooling down by the pool or by the beach!   However, by end of August, the days will be definitely shorter, heralding the cooler Autumn days.   In Gozo, Autumn also means the ‘Opera Season’. Described as a […]

The Heat is On!

As the season rolls on and the summer heat beats down on the island, the Gozitan fields have long turned into golden hues. The fields are now harvested and will lay bare until the next rain! One the best things about a holiday in Gozo right in the midst of summer is knowing that you […]

Beaches on our doorstep

Gozo’s tiny size is a blessing in disguise as everywhere is within a few minutes reach! This might contribute to one of the many reasons Gozo is a unique destination that can be enjoyed …. At Abraham’s farmhouses we are proud that from our location perched on the hilltop village of Xagħra, we have at […]