And now we’re in April

As the months roll over the island, morphing the scenery and landscape, we’re glad the air is finally warmer and we’re ditching our jackets. Relax, unwind and de-stress As predicted, April’s proving to be a great month for the outdoors.  Many heed to the countryside to spend days surrounded by the crimson clover flowers and […]

It’s Spring time!

Spring is in the air!  We know it well – not only because Gozo is a luxurious carpet of green meadows, hills and valleys that beckon to be explored, but because the air has lost the winter chill and is much warmer.  Even the beach of Ramla, a stone’s throw away from Abraham’s farmhouses is […]

February – A flamboyant feast on all fronts

As February unfolds, Gozo is finalising the preparations for the forthcoming Carnival season.  As seamstresses conclude the finishing touches on extravagant costumes and carnival artists give the carnival floats the final lick of paint, it’s time to think about joining in the fun with revellers during the last days of February! Starting on the 24th of […]