Top Three Ways to Disconnect and Relax in Gozo

With rolling hills, quaint piazzas, and remote bays, Gozo really does have it all when it comes to getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city. In Gozo, you can look forward to switching off your phone, shutting down your laptop and, finally, having some time to yourself to enjoy a laidback holiday.

Here are three great and relaxing ways to make the best of what this Mediterranean island has to offer:


Put your sunnies on and get your legs out

The Gozitan coastline boasts an innumerable amount of isolated bays that are sure to provide a quiet escape, with a fantastic seascape to boot. With 300 days of sunshine, it should be fairly easy to pick a morning or afternoon to bask in the sunshine on the beach – though the sea may not be at its warmest between October and April! If you’ve got a penchant for adventure, the clear water surrounding Gozo is ideal for scuba diving and kayaking, for beginners and pros alike.


Get a taste of the Gozitan way of life

If you’re looking to really soak up the Mediterranean lifestyle, there’s no better way to do that than to roam Gozo’s village squares, with frequent stops to sample the delicious food, and take in the quirky sights.  A visit to its capital, Victoria, should be a treat with the many offerings held in its museums, restaurants, and cafés. If that’s not enough for you, paying a visit to the Citadella, an ancient and fortified citadel with origins dating back to the Bronze Age, should quench even the biggest culture vulture’s thirst for history.


Enjoy Gozo’s picturesque views

With its highest peak sitting at 190 metres, you can easily get a front row seat to Gozo’s remarkable landscape views. As you trek your way up one of Gozo’s many hills or cliffs, you can take in the deep green hills and countless steeples that dot the Gozitan skyline. For those of you who are keen on photography, or just looking to keep your Instagram aesthetic up to par, you’re guaranteed a few terrific shots that are worthy of a #nofilter tag while you’re up there.


The best part about visiting Gozo? You can start and end your day at a traditional, luxury farmhouse, which will suit all your needs and doubtlessly go beyond your expectations.
Picture Credit: Viewing Malta