Team Building in Gozo

Gozo may be small – it’s just 67 km² to be exact! – but it provides a surprising number of options for brilliant team building activities that will be both fun and effective. From days out with a historic theme to afternoon adventures on board a boat, the possibilities are endless. So, which type of team building in Gozo activity would you choose?

Go Outdoors

Thanks to Gozo’s stunning natural beauty and endless days of sunshine, many of its best team building activities can be held outdoors – and why not? The clean, crisp air helps to get everyone in the mood for activity! In fact, Gozo’s countryside could be the perfect setting for everything from a jeep rally to a tug of war. Depending on what you have in mind for the day, you could even start the day at your farmhouse residence – the perfect place for your whole team to reside together – set clues, and then send them off on their way. What could be better than a treasure hunt across the Gozitan countryside? Just be sure to advise your team to wear comfy shoes – the terrain is hilly and rocky!

Be Adventurous

There’s nothing like a spot of adventure to bring a group together. Gozo’s tumultuous past and vibrant personality lends itself well to adventure – from abseiling down cliffs to kayaking around the island’s little nooks and bays. The good news is that Gozo is home to all the professionals you could need to make your adventure as safe as it is fun – and the sky really is the limit… paragliding anyone?

Embrace History

With 7,000 years of history to be proud of, Gozo is an open-air museum waiting to be discovered. And speaking of museums, why not use one of the island’s many museums (such as the Old Prisons or Natural History Museum) to motivate your team building activity? Other activities could be inspired by the megalithic temples, the walled Citadel or Calypso’s Cave?


Be Seafaring 

What’s a tiny island got at every possible turn? Sea! Lots of it! The gorgeous beaches, bays and open waters surrounding Gozo also provide a fantastic platform for team building. You could head off in speedboats to the nearby island of Comino, go scuba diving through sunken wrecks, or relax at sunset on a luxury yacht while enjoying a fabulous on-board dinner.


Enjoy Gastronomy

Finally, just like the kitchen is the heart of every home, food really is the best way to get to people’s hearts (through their bellies). Gozo is a haven of fresh, seasonal produce, and this lends itself brilliantly to big lunches and dinners cooked by a private chef, and enjoyed with fantastic wine in the sunshine or under the stars. Now, all you have to decide on is the menu!

Picture Credit: Mark Surman