When It’s Raining On Holiday

It is objectionable when it rains on a vacation. When booking a trip, the majority of us spend so much time programming activities or finding the best beaches. However, if it rains during the week you are on holiday it doesn’t have to stop you from having a great time.

The whole point of a vacation is to unwind and take it easy. And there are numerous ways to do that even if it’s pouring rain outside. In fact, finding these alternate rainy-day ventures will substantially slow things down.

It is forecasted to rain next Sunday so we thought of sharing our top ten preferred things to do when the weather is gloomy:

  1. Send some post cards. From experience, finding postcards, writing postcards, remembering addresses, finding stamps and locating a post-box is easily half a day’s work.
  2. Ignore the rain and go for a hike. Just put on a lightweight windbreaker and continue with your already planned out itinerary. And think how rewarding the hot shower will be when you peel off your wet clothes.
  3. Find a great restaurant and savour a long, easy-going meal. Rain is a great excuse to stick-around your favourite restaurant trying different appetizers paired with a satin-smooth bottle of wine. (Always drink responsibly though!)
  4. Spa: A massage or facial is exceptional anytime, but for some reason you might feel slightly remorseful getting treatments when it’s amazing outside. If it’s gloomy outside, it’s the perfect reason to get a little pampering.
  5. Find a local charity to donate to. Do some research – what local causes could you contribute to? Find a local cause and donate some of the money you’re not spending because you’re inside escaping the rain. (You will get some good travel karma, promise!)
  6. Lie in. Remember all those times you were at home, when the alarm went off at the crack-of-dawn, then you heard the rain and wanted to roll over and go back to sleep? Now’s your chance.
  7. Do some yoga. If you’re a yogi, this will already be on your list. If you’re not, when was the last time you really stretched your limbs? Book yourself a local class or use a class on an app. 
  8. Journal. Another rainy day activity that is adequate for your health. From promoting mindfulness and inspiring creativity, a little bit of writing every day has massive benefits.
  9. Do some puzzles. Exercise your brain with some puzzles – crosswords, sudoku, maths challenges, give your brain something to chew on and get a bit shrewd in the process.
  10. Write some reviews. Share your experience online and you will be helping other visitors make a good decision.

So, that’s our list of 10 things to do when it’s raining on holiday. With any luck, the rain has already cleared by the time you get to the end of this list.

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