Meetings Over Wine Tastings

Just when you think that you won’t survive another day in yet another stifling boardroom, pulling at your uncomfortable office attire for the umpteenth time that week, it turns out that corporate meetings don’t have to be quite as painful as they’ve been recently. While it may seem unorthodox, taking work teams outside of the office, effectively giving members of staff a change of scenery, is proven to increase productivity as well as creativity.


That being said, sometimes there’s only one way of making corporate meetings more palatable – and that’s by adding a little bit of alcohol. With wine tastings, you can talk business and enjoy a lovely glass of wine in a completely acceptable setting. Luckily, the Maltese islands are dotted with half a dozen sprawling vineyards that offer wine tastings in a fantastic setting.


The handful of vineyards found on Gozo specifically are run by local families – and that is evident. The vineyards provide the perfect location for a meeting that combines work with the pleasure of wine tasting. When visiting a vineyard, visitors get the opportunity to learn about the Gozitan grape, how the vineyard operates, and the production process. This is all told by the families themselves, giving visitors an insight into the local traditions that inform the whole process.


Alongside a variety of wines ready to be sampled, you can also expect a spread of local delicacies, such as sundried tomatoes, gbejna cheeselets, olives and capers –all staples of Maltese and Gozitan cuisine. Taking the field to fork concept to a whole other level, Gozitan dining is very heavily based on local produce. The beauty of eating from a local vineyard is that you’ll be getting authentic food that has been locally sourced and freshly picked in anticipation of your visit.


So if you’re looking to give your team a treat, or to impress that one particularly difficult client, you’re bound to make an impact by holding your next meeting over a wine tasting, and Gozo really is the ultimate destination for that. From the 300-days of sunshine to the wonderful rolling vineyards, this is a setting that will excite and motivate. In fact, not only do wine tastings place you and your team in a more open and friendly atmosphere, but they will give you the gift of inspiration that comes with being in a gorgeous environment surrounded by fine wine and great food.