Luxury Breaks in Gozo

If your life is insanely hectic, then you may worry that your only chance for peace and quiet would be to move to a monastery in Nepal. Luckily, thanks to the atmosphere on the island of Gozo, you need not venture that far…


Ask anyone: if there’s one thing you’re guaranteed on Gozo, it’s complete and utter tranquillity. And what better way to enjoy that tranquillity than to indulge in all of life’s simple, and some not-so-simple, pleasures?


Firstly, just because you’ve gone off the beaten track doesn’t mean that your comfort has to suffer – Gozo offers some of the most beautiful properties on the Maltese islands. Known locally as farmhouses (although not actually a working farm) these treasured abodes are welcoming and spacious, often fully decked out with pools, jacuzzis and large communal spaces. These secluded gozo farmhouses are ideal if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life where technology reigns supreme.


As you’re in the midst of giving yourself some well deserved rest and relaxation, Gozo boasts numerous gourmet restaurants and swanky wine bars where you can treat your senses to the best that the local cuisine has to offer. From scrumptious bread to freshly-caught seafood and fish, as well as unique and traditional local delicacies, you’re certainly spoilt for choice. On the flip side, if you’re not in the mood to leave your luxurious temporary home, you can easily bring in a private chef to put together a lovely meal for you in the comfort of your own farmhouse.


If you do eventually feel like you want to venture back outdoors, then the cultural scene in Gozo provides an endless list of events and venues worth visiting, from the local opera houses in the capital of Victoria, to the countless museums and historical sites dotted around, including the Ggantija temples in Xaghra. There’s always something brewing in the local village square or in the city centre too, be it music festivals, an annual arts festival or one of the many firework shows.


To round off your trip, and to really make sure you leave with a bang, we recommend chartering a luxury yacht for a day or two to explore the Med and bask in the serenity that only being out in the middle of the deep blue can offer.


Luxury comes in many forms, be it a ride on a deluxe vessel, a five-course gourmet meal, or lounging by the pool at the gorgeous farmhouse you’ve rented out for your trip… Either way, you’ll find it on Gozo.