It’s Spring time!

Spring is in the air!  We know it well – not only because Gozo is a luxurious carpet of green meadows, hills and valleys that beckon to be explored, but because the air has lost the winter chill and is much warmer.  Even the beach of Ramla, a stone’s throw away from Abraham’s farmhouses is looking like the perfect place where to spend the day!

Easter too will soon be here. In Gozo, Easter is an elaborate mosaic of faith, drama, tradition and religion. Preparations for pageants, exhibitions and processions are already underway for the several events that will take place all over the island. Starting with the pilgrimage of our Lady of Sorrows and culminating in the Good Friday procession and the procession with the statue of the Resurrected Christ on Easter Sunday, the Holy Week is laden not only with liturgical rites and celebrations but also various art exhibitions, musical events, pageants, representations and plays. Click here for a full calendar of events of Easter in Gozo.

Gozo is also currently hosting the Gaulitana music festival. The highlight at the end of the festival will be Puccini’s opera Madama Butterfly, that is being staged on April 1 at the Aurora theater.   At Abraham’s have teamed up and we are organising a pre-opera lunch that will be your gastronomic prelude before an evening of culture, theater and opera.

This season has been truly the time of new beginnings. We’ve also recently launched our Vini & Capricci website, from where one can order wines, cheeses and other gourmet delights.   That includes our special Easter eggs and Figolli too!

For more information about joining our pre-opera lunch or booking our farmhouses contact us today.