Choose Gozo as your Holiday Destination

Why should you choose Gozo as your summer getaway? Simple, not only will you enjoy a guaranteed holiday in the sun but you will escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and rest assured you will leave your worries behind.
Gozo, unlike its older sister; Malta, is known for its beautiful beaches, panoramic views, and rich historical culture. Thus, besides an assured relaxing holiday you will get a real taste of the Gozitan culture and history. All of this does not mean that Gozo is deprived of modern day commodities and essentials… far from it!

Gozo boasts various accommodations including apartments and hotels, but the villas and farmhouses are a true haven of paradise. Fully equipped with the latest modern technologies, the latter are perfect for unwinding, chilling in the pool, and enjoying stunning views from their balconies. Abraham’s Farmhouses fully guarantee this beauty. Why not complete your Abraham Experience by visiting his retail and Culinary destination where you would find Gozo best collection of Wines as you munch on the tasty meals provided by our state-of-the-Art VINOTECA.

Gozo might be small, but it comes with its own benefits – one of them being that you can travel from one place to the next within a few minutes. The island invites travelers to be comfortable whilst on holiday and thus the less you pack the better!

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