Gozo’s a little paradise.

Whilst we cannot claim that it is still a secret island, there is no doubt that although the island’s amenities are highly comparable to the mainland, Gozo has not lost its authentic rustic and rural vibes.

Exploring Gozo is not only about visiting the string of archaeological sites, museums and historical places but it is also about indulging the senses.   For example, one cannot understand the essence of Gozitan life before he or she has stayed in a farmhouse or tasted the dishes that are typical of the island.

The farmhouses or these abodes from time ago used to be the farmsteads where the farmer lived with his family and his animals.   Today these gems have been renovated and can be enjoyed as luxurious holiday retreats.  If you think that farmhouses are only for those who are after a laid-back holiday, it’s time to shift that view!  There’s nothing better than indulging in an active sports adventure like kayaking, climbing, hiking, cycling and diving and returning to the base of a comfortable and luxurious farmhouse.

Recently at Vini and Capricci, the flagship store for exquisite foods and wines, also owned by Abraham and his wife Michelle, hosted Alex Vizeo. Vizeo is a French blogger, who visited Gozo and had words of praise for the island’s gastronomic experience. Together with our resident chef George Borg, Alex Vizeo visited the local markets in search of the local produce and then embarked on preparing some typical Gozitan dishes.

We look forward to welcoming Alex Vizeo again and others like him!

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