February – A flamboyant feast on all fronts

As February unfolds, Gozo is finalising the preparations for the forthcoming Carnival season.  As seamstresses conclude the finishing touches on extravagant costumes and carnival artists give the carnival floats the final lick of paint, it’s time to think about joining in the fun with revellers during the last days of February!

Starting on the 24th of February and ending on the 28th, this carnival holiday promises to be a fun and exciting time. If you’re intent on joining the crowd, you might want to consider dressing up in a costume.   The idea of masquerading and donning a costume to hide one’s own identity is amusing in its own right. But even if costumes are not the thing for you, Carnival is still entertaining!  You can join the crowd and dancers in Victoria and watch the parades of costumes and colourful floats.

The Carnival programme in Gozo is spread over the different villages in Gozo.  So make sure you know where you will be heading on the different days.   Don’t forget a visit to the notorious and spontaneous carnival in Nadur where the revellers opt for more grotesque disguises.  The carnival starts after sunset and the streets become thronged with people wearing all sorts of whimsical and bizarre costumes.  Modern music mixes with music from traditional musical instruments such as the Maltese bagpipe, iż-żaqq and the friction drum, iż-żafżafa.

If you’re staying at Abraham’s farmhouses, then take note of Sunday 26th February as on this date there’s a special carnival programme in Xagħra.   Band marches will provide lively entertainment and the kumittiva dance will be held in Victory Square.  The spectacle will also include a parade of carnival floats and dance by local companies.

Booking your holiday with Abraham’s farmhouses at this time is a great idea!  It’s not only about enjoying the Carnival season, but also experiencing a luxury and comfortable holiday home whilst being surrounded by the lush green countryside of the neighbouring hills and valleys.  Stepping out at the time of the year for leisurely walks, brisk hikes or more active sports like cycling brings one in touch with nature.

All in all, February’s looking a promise of intermingling the vivid colours of nature with the dazzling hues of the carnival for a lovely holiday!