Christmas in Gozo

It’s that special time of the year when everything seems to have an extra dose of ‘cheerful’.  Gozo has already been transformed into a Christmas island and there’s a lot of activities and celebrations going on.


Closer to home, in the village of Xagħra, where our farmhouses are located Christmas has been in the air for a while as the village’s starts preparing for the season before December’s here!  This year, the Basilica in Xagħra will host the International Choir Festival on the 9th of December.  The evening will feature performances by 6 different choirs.  Then on the 28th December, the same church will be the venue for another Christmas Concert.


The village of Xagħra is also home to at least 20 recognised cribs that will be open for public display. Some of these cribs are mechanical cribs that present the nativity scene with figurines in motion.   It’s definitely worth investing a morning touring these cribs and dioramas that local artists and craftsmen have created and are showcasing around the village. From Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th December, one can drive through the interactive Live Crib that will be held in the Ramla Valley Road leading up to Xagħra.


At Abraham’s   preparations for the Christmas season have long begun. The sourcing of a variety of local and foreign delicacies and wines to be included in our hampers is always a great exciting activity.     This year ‘The Hamper Journal’ features a wide assortment of gifts, wines, liquors and naturally hampers all laden with genuine goodness that is synonymous with the quality of Abraham’s flagship store Vini e Capricci.

On 10th and 11th December, we will be having our own Christmas Village at the Gozitano Agricultural Village in Xewkija.   Join us on these days and rest assured that you will enjoy the food stalls, the tastings, the mulled wine, Christmas pastries, the porchetta, the  sausage stands and the coffee and hot chocolate.  A variety of other stalls will also be present.


If you love wine and good food, do not forget that at Vini e Capricci, we will be having our traditional lunch and dinner on 10th, 17th and 18th December.   The Taverna Menu never ceases to delight and early booking is needed to avoid disappointment.