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Looking for the perfect gift that will create unforgettable moments?

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Breakfast with a Private Chef

Can you picture this? ” You just woke up to the smell of perpetually strong coffee and the sight of a table full of food, all prepared with the freshest ingredients by your chef “

A selection of scrumptious breakfast packages has been carefully created to satisfy all our guests’ tastebuds to ensure that their first meal of the day is nothing short of perfect!

Our chef uses only the highest quality ingredients to prepare your dishes with expertise and exactness.

We take pride in our exclusive service and attention to detail. So you can sit back and relax while our expert chef prepares the hearty breakfast of your choice. It will surely leave you and your people feeling happy and satisfied.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive experience while staying in one of Abraham’s Holiday Rentals.

Contact us today to book your private chef service and create memories with your loved ones.

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5 reasons to choose a vacation home

No matter what type of vacation you are planning, likely one of the first thoughts that pops into your mind is where you are going to sleep. While hotels promptly come to mind first for most people, there are more than a few reasons why vacation homes are a choice worth going for.

1. All the conveniences of home.

Vacation homes are just Homes. They usually include all the things you would expect to find at home. Full-sized appliances. Dishes. Laundry facilities. These amenities can make your stay much more convenient – especially if you are travelling in a large group or for an extended period.

2. “Run of House.”

When you stay in a hotel, you have no choice but to follow its schedule for meals, housekeeping, fitness facilities, etc. Not so in a vacation home. You can get out of bed when you like. Swim or eat when it suits you.

3. Privacy.

For people who like having their own space, most probably would withstand staff coming and going, thin walls, elevators, and crowded pools…. These just don’t apply in certain vacation homes.

4. More guests for less money.

When travelling with a group or family, allocating everyone into one hotel room can be difficult or unacceptable. Even if possible, it will likely be cramped, and the added stress can negatively impact your vacation. Between the expense of having to book more rooms to accommodate everyone and of eating out, you can blow most of your budget before you even get started.

5. Fido is welcome too.

While there are hotels that will accommodate your four-legged family member, it can be a drudge to find one. Furthermore, you’ll probably be given a room in the less pleasing part of the building. On average, a vacation home gives you and your furry friend more space to stretch out, unwind, and enjoy.

Are you ready for your next vacation? Search your private accommodation at To book your holiday or need help in planning out your next holiday on the island of Gozo, contact us today.

When It’s Raining On Holiday

It is objectionable when it rains on a vacation. When booking a trip, the majority of us spend so much time programming activities or finding the best beaches. However, if it rains during the week you are on holiday it doesn’t have to stop you from having a great time.

The whole point of a vacation is to unwind and take it easy. And there are numerous ways to do that even if it’s pouring rain outside. In fact, finding these alternate rainy-day ventures will substantially slow things down.

It is forecasted to rain next Sunday so we thought of sharing our top ten preferred things to do when the weather is gloomy:

  1. Send some post cards. From experience, finding postcards, writing postcards, remembering addresses, finding stamps and locating a post-box is easily half a day’s work.
  2. Ignore the rain and go for a hike. Just put on a lightweight windbreaker and continue with your already planned out itinerary. And think how rewarding the hot shower will be when you peel off your wet clothes.
  3. Find a great restaurant and savour a long, easy-going meal. Rain is a great excuse to stick-around your favourite restaurant trying different appetizers paired with a satin-smooth bottle of wine. (Always drink responsibly though!)
  4. Spa: A massage or facial is exceptional anytime, but for some reason you might feel slightly remorseful getting treatments when it’s amazing outside. If it’s gloomy outside, it’s the perfect reason to get a little pampering.
  5. Find a local charity to donate to. Do some research – what local causes could you contribute to? Find a local cause and donate some of the money you’re not spending because you’re inside escaping the rain. (You will get some good travel karma, promise!)
  6. Lie in. Remember all those times you were at home, when the alarm went off at the crack-of-dawn, then you heard the rain and wanted to roll over and go back to sleep? Now’s your chance.
  7. Do some yoga. If you’re a yogi, this will already be on your list. If you’re not, when was the last time you really stretched your limbs? Book yourself a local class or use a class on an app. 
  8. Journal. Another rainy day activity that is adequate for your health. From promoting mindfulness and inspiring creativity, a little bit of writing every day has massive benefits.
  9. Do some puzzles. Exercise your brain with some puzzles – crosswords, sudoku, maths challenges, give your brain something to chew on and get a bit shrewd in the process.
  10. Write some reviews. Share your experience online and you will be helping other visitors make a good decision.

So, that’s our list of 10 things to do when it’s raining on holiday. With any luck, the rain has already cleared by the time you get to the end of this list.

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Beaches on our doorstep

Gozo’s tiny size is a blessing in disguise as everywhere is within a few minutes reach! This might contribute to one of the many reasons Gozo is a unique destination that can be enjoyed ….

At Abraham’s farmhouses we are proud that from our location perched on the hilltop village of Xagħra, we have at least 4 incredible beaches literally on our doorstep.   Naturally there are a great many other beaches along the coast of Gozo!

Starting from Marsalforn which is literally down the slope on the northern side of Xagħra, Marsalforn is one of the popular tourist zones of the island. Originally a fishing village, the beach offers a sandy shore and rocky areas from which to swim off and enjoy snorkelling. Marsalforn is also a great place to spend the evening amid the bars and restaurants along the promenade.

Next on the line is Ramla l-Ħamra bay. The unique red sandy bay is a favourite because of the wide expanse of red sand. The beach, which is also a Natura 2000 site, is also famous because legend has it that the cave on top of Ramla was the abode of the nymph Calypso.   Between Ramla l-Ħamra and Marsalforn, there is also one hidden beach – Għajn Barrani, a site that is completely unspoilt. This beach is completely off the beaten track but well worth the visit.

Yet another picturesque beach is San Blas, a beautiful cove which one can reach through Nadur.  The road to San Blas is a steep one and this makes San Blas a more peaceful spot.

All these beaches are just a couple of minutes away from our farmhouses. Enjoy a holiday you will never forget. We’re ready to welcome you to one of our farmhouses where you can enjoy the experience of authentic Gozitan living, a step away from the mesmerising turquoise waters of our beaches.

If you want to book your holiday or need help in planning out your next holiday on the island of Gozo, contact us today.

Gozo’s a little paradise.

Whilst we cannot claim that it is still a secret island, there is no doubt that although the island’s amenities are highly comparable to the mainland, Gozo has not lost its authentic rustic and rural vibes.

Exploring Gozo is not only about visiting the string of archaeological sites, museums and historical places but it is also about indulging the senses.   For example, one cannot understand the essence of Gozitan life before he or she has stayed in a farmhouse or tasted the dishes that are typical of the island.

The farmhouses or these abodes from time ago used to be the farmsteads where the farmer lived with his family and his animals.   Today these gems have been renovated and can be enjoyed as luxurious holiday retreats.  If you think that farmhouses are only for those who are after a laid-back holiday, it’s time to shift that view!  There’s nothing better than indulging in an active sports adventure like kayaking, climbing, hiking, cycling and diving and returning to the base of a comfortable and luxurious farmhouse.

Recently at Vini and Capricci, the flagship store for exquisite foods and wines, also owned by Abraham and his wife Michelle, hosted Alex Vizeo. Vizeo is a French blogger, who visited Gozo and had words of praise for the island’s gastronomic experience. Together with our resident chef George Borg, Alex Vizeo visited the local markets in search of the local produce and then embarked on preparing some typical Gozitan dishes.

We look forward to welcoming Alex Vizeo again and others like him!

Contact us for more information about staying in Abraham’s Farmhouses.

A Winter Break

Gozo’s been blessed by a great winter.

The earlier rains have yielded green hills and valleys and our countryside is bursting with the fresh energy of a land that has been watered after a very dry spell!

It’s true that the weather can be a bit chilly and cold but the sunny days that we’re having, mean that there’s nothing to stop you from planning out a fabulous February getaway. You can enjoy a break from the routine of everyday life at our farmhouses located in Xaghra where the comfort and luxury of our cosy holiday homes will leave you recharged and energised.

Whilst you’re in Gozo you can enjoy roaming the countryside and the coast at a leisurely pace and if you’re up to some more hectic activity you can consider exploring the country lanes and routes from the seat of a mountain bike.

If you’re thinking of spending time with your loved one to celebrate Valentine’s Day, make sure you make an early booking. You might also indulge in private meals that are prepared by our expert private chef as per your requirements.

And don’t forget to wrap it all up with the delightful gifts of chocolates and wines. At Abraham’s Vini & Capricci we’re offering a wide selection of wines and exquisite chocolates to indulge the senses.

As always, we look forward to welcoming you to our farmhouses and ensuring that your stay is a memorable one!

Christmas in Gozo

It’s that special time of the year when everything seems to have an extra dose of ‘cheerful’.  Gozo has already been transformed into a Christmas island and there’s a lot of activities and celebrations going on.


Closer to home, in the village of Xagħra, where our farmhouses are located Christmas has been in the air for a while as the village’s starts preparing for the season before December’s here!  This year, the Basilica in Xagħra will host the International Choir Festival on the 9th of December.  The evening will feature performances by 6 different choirs.  Then on the 28th December, the same church will be the venue for another Christmas Concert.


The village of Xagħra is also home to at least 20 recognised cribs that will be open for public display. Some of these cribs are mechanical cribs that present the nativity scene with figurines in motion.   It’s definitely worth investing a morning touring these cribs and dioramas that local artists and craftsmen have created and are showcasing around the village. From Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th December, one can drive through the interactive Live Crib that will be held in the Ramla Valley Road leading up to Xagħra.


At Abraham’s   preparations for the Christmas season have long begun. The sourcing of a variety of local and foreign delicacies and wines to be included in our hampers is always a great exciting activity.     This year ‘The Hamper Journal’ features a wide assortment of gifts, wines, liquors and naturally hampers all laden with genuine goodness that is synonymous with the quality of Abraham’s flagship store Vini e Capricci.

On 10th and 11th December, we will be having our own Christmas Village at the Gozitano Agricultural Village in Xewkija.   Join us on these days and rest assured that you will enjoy the food stalls, the tastings, the mulled wine, Christmas pastries, the porchetta, the  sausage stands and the coffee and hot chocolate.  A variety of other stalls will also be present.


If you love wine and good food, do not forget that at Vini e Capricci, we will be having our traditional lunch and dinner on 10th, 17th and 18th December.   The Taverna Menu never ceases to delight and early booking is needed to avoid disappointment.

Luxury Breaks in Gozo

If your life is insanely hectic, then you may worry that your only chance for peace and quiet would be to move to a monastery in Nepal. Luckily, thanks to the atmosphere on the island of Gozo, you need not venture that far…


Ask anyone: if there’s one thing you’re guaranteed on Gozo, it’s complete and utter tranquillity. And what better way to enjoy that tranquillity than to indulge in all of life’s simple, and some not-so-simple, pleasures?


Firstly, just because you’ve gone off the beaten track doesn’t mean that your comfort has to suffer – Gozo offers some of the most beautiful properties on the Maltese islands. Known locally as farmhouses (although not actually a working farm) these treasured abodes are welcoming and spacious, often fully decked out with pools, jacuzzis and large communal spaces. These secluded gozo farmhouses are ideal if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life where technology reigns supreme.


As you’re in the midst of giving yourself some well deserved rest and relaxation, Gozo boasts numerous gourmet restaurants and swanky wine bars where you can treat your senses to the best that the local cuisine has to offer. From scrumptious bread to freshly-caught seafood and fish, as well as unique and traditional local delicacies, you’re certainly spoilt for choice. On the flip side, if you’re not in the mood to leave your luxurious temporary home, you can easily bring in a private chef to put together a lovely meal for you in the comfort of your own farmhouse.


If you do eventually feel like you want to venture back outdoors, then the cultural scene in Gozo provides an endless list of events and venues worth visiting, from the local opera houses in the capital of Victoria, to the countless museums and historical sites dotted around, including the Ggantija temples in Xaghra. There’s always something brewing in the local village square or in the city centre too, be it music festivals, an annual arts festival or one of the many firework shows.


To round off your trip, and to really make sure you leave with a bang, we recommend chartering a luxury yacht for a day or two to explore the Med and bask in the serenity that only being out in the middle of the deep blue can offer.


Luxury comes in many forms, be it a ride on a deluxe vessel, a five-course gourmet meal, or lounging by the pool at the gorgeous farmhouse you’ve rented out for your trip… Either way, you’ll find it on Gozo.

Gozo Hills Are Alive with Hikers – Hiking in Gozo

Truly ideal as a nature-lovers paradise, Gozo tempts visitors for an escape into the tranquillity and picturesque scenery it offers. Despite its small size, the island boasts beautiful countryside, best seen from atop one of Gozo’s many hills. So, if you’re visiting Gozo to explore, pull on your hiking boots and prepare to enjoy some stunning views from Gozo’s highest peaks.

Seeing how the favourable Mediterranean weather offers near day-to-day sunshine across the year, there is no bad time to set off on a hiking adventure. That said, make sure you’ve got plenty of sunscreen to slap on to protect your skin, as the UV rays can be deceptively strong, even in winter.

The best way to really get the most out of your trip is to cover the span of the island over a few days, as you can easily spend a morning and afternoon exploring one area with frequent breaks to take in the scenery. Plus, if you’re not keen on trekking on your own, plenty of tours are available to take you off the beaten track.

Here are our top three picks for hiking in Gozo:

Ta’ Dbiegi Hill

Reaching a height of 190 meters, this hill near the village of San Lawrenz promises amazing country views of the whole island, so you should try to plan your hike on a clear day to get the best visibility possible. Being so close to town, this is a great space to explore!

The Cliffs Overlooking Ramla Bay  

It’s hardly surprising that this gorgeous bay, with its richly-coloured sand, is a sight to behold from afar as much as it is up close. Luscious green-topped cliffs envelop this beautiful beach, where you can get a bird’s eye view of the deep blue waves bubbling towards the copper-coloured sand.


The area surrounding Dwejra holds some of Malta and Gozo’s most iconic sights. Hikers can explore the landscape of Dwejra freely, and should expect to find some surprises along the way – the rocks by the sea hold several fossilised layers within them dating back hundreds of years. They make an exciting addition to any Gozo hike!

On the other hand, if you prefer cycling to hiking, nothing stops you from enjoying the same routes from a mountain bike.  Gozo is an island of hills and valleys, so be prepared for a series of slopes and looping and winding routes. For more information about Cycling in Gozo check out this article here. All in all, you will enjoy cycling because most of the time you will be in the open countryside or passing through quiet and sleepy villages.

Abraham’s Farmhouses tucked away in the village of Xagħra are a perfect accommodation solution. The rustic charms of the farmhouses and the luxurious services provided are a good base to return to after hiking or cycling expeditions.  We can guarantee an experience, which you will want to repeat. Have a look at the various traditional farmhouses we have to offer. Book your stay with us today or email us for more information.

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