And now we’re in April

As the months roll over the island, morphing the scenery and landscape, we’re glad the air is finally warmer and we’re ditching our jackets.

Relax, unwind and de-stress

As predicted, April’s proving to be a great month for the outdoors.  Many heed to the countryside to spend days surrounded by the crimson clover flowers and the yellow buttercups and others are already eyeing the beaches and the coves.  The reason is simple –  Gozo is truly the perfect antidote for stress.

Easter Eggs and Figolli

Easter’s around the corner and in around a week’s time, Gozo will be celebrating Good Friday and later on Easter Sunday.  If you’re staying in one of our farmhouses, make sure you take note that on Good Friday, the village of Xagħra holds one of the most striking Good Friday processions on the island. The procession includes ten statues depicting different scenes from the Passion of the Cross, but maybe the most fascinating aspect of it all is the number of people who take part. Some dress up as biblical characters and others hide their identity behind hoods and trudge along pulling heavy chains tied to their ankles. This is done either as an act of penance or thanksgiving.   The funebrial stance of Good Friday is all a distant memory on Easter Sunday when Xagħra holds Gozo’s Easter Festival – a celebration that centres around the resurrection of Christ but which includes food stalls, the participation of folk group and activities for kids.   Mingle with the locals and do not forget to get hold of ‘Figolli’ and chocolate Easter Eggs.

Wedding Bells

Now that April’s here, it’s time for weddings.  Gozo has become popular as a destination for weddings.  We’re not surprised by this phenomenon, as there any many bonuses when you’re getting married on the island.   For one, you will have beautiful photos that are difficult to rival. Couple this with the fact that Gozo is a perfect for a honeymoon.  At Abraham’s Gozo Farmhouses, we can provide you with luxurious accommodation and the setting for the wedding of your dreams.  We’re also ready to answer your questions and help in your plans.


Are you interesting in coming to Gozo? Whether it’s a just a holiday or a break, a wedding or a business event we can cater for your needs. Contact us today.